Up for a New Year Challenge? Try a Plant-Based Diet!

Up for a New Year Challenge? Try a Plant-Based Diet!

Can Women Benefit from a Plant-Based Diet?

The plant-based diet has recently gained traction in the health and wellness community. The uptick interest around this diet plan comes from the extensive research into the subject and the wealth of data on its effect on human physiology.

Some research suggests that a plant-based diet may be incredibly effective for women. "Going vegan" (or vegetarian) with a plant-based diet gives you more fiber and plenty of antioxidants in your diet, improving your health and well-being.

Specifically, obese or overweight women can see massive improvements in their health from implementing a plant-based diet. It's challenging to adjust your eating habits to a plant-based lifestyle, but after a few weeks or months on the program, you'll find you don't miss your old food choices.

Let's unpack some of the benefits for women choosing a plant-based lifestyle.


Will a Plant-Based Diet Help with Changing My Eating Habits?

One of the most notable effects of an ongoing plant-based diet is an improved digestive system. The Human GI tract harbors trillions of live beneficial bacteria, known as "biomes." Biomes are responsible for assimilating the nutrients in your food and shuttling them to the bloodstream. Moreover, your gut health can significantly impact your thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Your biome adjusts to the types of food you eat, and that's why you experience cravings for the old foods in your diet when transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle. After a week or so, you may notice these cravings start to subside as your biome adjusts to the new foods you're eating. Keep going for a few months and your old food choices may even seem unappealing, and you'll find yourself craving that fresh garden salad instead.


Will a Plant-Based Diet Improve My Energy Levels?

Going plant-based might seem intimidating at first. How will you survive without meat and dairy in your diet? The reality is that quality plant-based nutrition provides your digestive system with healthy fiber, nutrients, and minerals like magnesium and manganese.

When your digestive system has a high fiber intake, it's more able to "sweep" out undigested foods and toxins, increasing your overall energy levels. Your stomach and gut will feel lighter, and you may find that your thinking gets sharper, your skin improves, and your hormonal system feels more balanced.

If you're up to the challenge, give a Plant-Based Lifestyle a Try and see if it can help to improve your digestion and overall health. What have you got to lose by trying a plant-based diet, other than some unwanted eating habits and/or body fat?

It may seem challenging at first, but give it a go for a week, and maybe you'll notice some exciting changes in your physiology.

Good luck!


**Disclaimer: The information provided through this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. 
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