Can We Turn the Tide on Plastic Pollution?

Can We Turn the Tide on Plastic Pollution?

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We've removed all dietary supplements from our online store.


We did some "soul-searching" over the Holidays and came to the conclusion that we weren't living our values in regards to sustainability. SunSwill revolves around human health and wellness-- which includes the health of our environment. 

Read on to see what we found and what we're doing about it. 


The Problem

Single-use plastics are choking our landfills and oceans, and we cannot continue to profit at the expense of the environment.

At the time of our decision, most (if not all) of our products were only offered in virgin, single-use plastic containers (eeek!). How could we say we revolve around human wellness and longevity when we're contributing to the destruction of our environment?

There's a quote saying, "The best time to invest was 10 years ago...the 2nd best time is today." We're taking that into 2022 and choosing to invest in the renewal and restoration of our oceans and impacted ecosystems. 


What We're Doing About It

We are in the process of transitioning toward more sustainable packaging so we can provide quality products and service without contributing to the single-use plastic problem.

This is a big deal for us, and we hope to move forward in a more sustainable way and partner with other businesses that are aligned with our core value of sustainability.


Moving Forward

We are working diligently to change our business for the better. If you’re interested in our product and what we’re doing to make it more sustainable, keep checking back.

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