A Simpler Life: A Glimpse into Minimal & Essentialist Lifestyles

A Simpler Life: A Glimpse into Minimal & Essentialist Lifestyles

Embracing Quality Over Quantity

Minimalist & essentialist lifestyles focus on minimizing the things that don't add meaning or value to your life.  Whether in your personal or professional life, the fewer things you do, the more intentional you can be in life.

Interested in learning how to design a simpler, more intentional lifestyle? Read on!

What is a Minimalist or Essentialist Lifestyle?

Many people seeking to simply or de-clutter their lives decide to adopt a minimalist or essentialist lifestyle. Both can involve ridding your life of physical and emotional clutter, and living more intentionally in the world.

Not to be confused with Minimalist art or decor, the lifestyle of a minimalist or essentialist is marked by the notable absence of the unnecessary. A subtype of minimalism, essentialist living is fundamentally about taking inventory of your life and cutting out everything that is unnecessary, unproductive, and unintentional. 

The approach often calls for the elimination of anything (possessions, activities, etc.) that doesn't bring value to your life. As a result, you worry less and enjoy a greater sense of fulfillment. 


What Are the Down-sides?

The essentialist approach often requires a significant shift in lifestyle. Instead of spending time, resources, and energy on things that don't matter, you focus on a small, essential number of items.

This approach to life comes with its own trade-offs. Excessive possessions, frivolous habits, creature-comforts, and more may have to be "given up" before one can access the true benefits of living a simpler life. 

Making the necessary changes may sting at first, but it gets easier with practice. Eventually, you will find yourself more engaged and satisfied in life simply because you focus more attention and energy on the most important things. Moreover, you'll build a very important skill; learning to say "No" to the distractions so that you can say "Yes" to the right opportunities as they come along. 


A Simpler Life

You don't need to immediately throw everything in your closet away to start enjoying the benefits of essentialist living; it starts with mindfulness and takes practice. 

Perhaps you start with buying less fast fashion, cooking at home as opposed to ordering takeout every night, or turning down a few invitations to go out and party. It looks different for everyone and you'll know the areas in your life that could use a little more intention. 

Excess can creep into our lives and homes in various ways, but the essentialist lifestyle can help you to identify what should stay and what needs to go. 

Focusing on the vital few and learning when to say 'No' are the first steps in designing a life you love. 

For more info on Essentialist Living, we highly suggest reading this book by Greg McKeown. It's a great read even if you're not looking to commit to the full lifestyle just yet. 

Have a read and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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